The exciting part for me in relation to the Bones Work is that I have been
able to shift and unlock my mid back and sacrum and now I am clearing my
lumbar region. That area seems to be the pivotal point of the scoliosis I
have been living with all of my life. Doing the Tapping The Pelvis
minutely in the 6:00 position towards the navel is what is making the
difference. I have to be careful not to engage my upper body to create the
shift I want in that region. I hope this makes sense.

I feel like I am in a dream sometimes when there is no pain in my spine and
the flexibility and fluidity is clearly there in ways like never before.

Keep up your good work. I wish I had a magic carpet that could carry me to
you so we could create together.


I went on my first big hike today in Garland since my 2 private sessions with you:  
lots of climbing uphill and downhill and there's a definite difference. 

I don't feel stress in the back of my neck and shoulders and I was able to keep up
with Roger (hikes fast!!) much easier than usual.  My balance is better. 

Nice change.  I'm thrilled!!

I'm looking forward to beginning the Bones For Life series!

Thanks again,

~Flora  (age 52 )

Dear Kalyani,

Here is what I would tell someone who seems interested in your ATM sessions:

If after the free initial ATM session you think this might be nice for you to try,
give it three months of weekly group sessions before you make your decision to quit or continue.

It takes that long for you to realize the compounding effects of seemingly inconsequential changes in the way you move and approach life. I love to fish, and after six months of ATM sessions I suddenly realized my fly-casting technique has improved to almost-perfection; I fully believe it is due to Kalyani's group sessions.
I'll bet the same would be true were I a golfer, swimmer, dancer, or tennis player.

It's worth a try...




A miracle!  That describes my visit with Kalyani.  

I went to see her after recovering from a broken hip, still dependent upon my cane, still wobbly when I walked, still afraid to walk without falling.  Still feeling very handicapped.

 She reached out to me, inviting me to walk with her, and her quiet demeanor  and gentle voice, coupled with the strength in her hand, led me to feel the the floor  beneath me.  

I walked very slowly at first, gaining strength from her voice and the sensation of Mother Earth's love.
My new-found confidence guided me until I found myself striding across the room. 

Today, my cane lives in the corner of my closet, and I walk unafraid.  
Kalyani  created a miracle.    

~Estelle (age 80) 


Boy I ever feeling loose in the hips..while being totally supported by a nice upward energy and
standing very tall!!  shoulders dropped and back of neck open and long!

I was just feeling it again this evening while walking to the car:  a loose, easy, languid, stately graceful easy movement...TOTALLY IN THE PRESENT... no rush no thoughts.


I can't describe it any different...I don't know why those simple classes can cause
so much difference...
and shifts...but they do!  

~Linda Grace (age 63) regular ATM/BFL student of years.


Good self care is essential.  You're on track with Kalyani.

She can go deeper, remember to let her go there
if you have the time and the wiliness to trust her instinct.  

Anatomic understanding as well, her instinct towards healing is her forte.  

I trust her with my life.
Enjoy, Enjoy!

~Mindy (age: 61 )  Long time student of ATM/Bones for Life



I attend meditation workshops to peel away calloused habits and leave me
fine tuned and clear.
I face the inevitable challenge of  re-entering  "the world".   
The workshops are so nurturing and there's a difficulty to 
bring my retreat into the roughness and speed of daily life.  
How to integrate it?

Feldenkrais lessons and Bones for Life work gives the me the  
missing piece that enables me to feel aligned and use the power of the earth through my skeleton! wow.
The lessons teach me how to use my daily function  to bridge sensitivity AND strength.
My body feels trust worthy, and it's wise guidance system is clear and unobstructed.
I feel connected with how to live within my comfortable range
and get the things done that I task myself with in a day.

I didn't know this was possible at my age.  Thank you!!! 

~Melissa G. (age 62)


Five years ago, I broke my left femur. That lead me to Bones for Life. Which was really nice.
However, the whole journey 'back to function' was an incredible ordeal that I'd rather not repeat. 
Too bad, I broke my other femur last week!
I'm not osteoporotic, but my mobility-issue does factor in in some subtle ways. 
Anyways, one of the really nice things so far is that I am walking, etc., SO much sooner.
When I broke my left femur, I had just started my Feldenkrais training and had done nothing of Bones for Life, yet.
The differences are HUGE.
The first time, I was walking 8 days after my surgery.
This time, I was walking the day after! WOW!

~Tatsy Guild


Most young guys associate muscle bulk/strength with fitness. They tolerate feeling rigid.
The rational goes like this: If you feel rigid then you're muscles are hard, and if you're muscles are
hard then they're getting bigger and stronger. So feeling rigid is "good pain." Some guys never outgrow this thinking pattern. As long as getting or maintaining big muscles is the goal, there's no getting through to them. 

The body has to be fined tuned like a guitar. The tools to fine tune the body are imaging (usually soft images like water), touching, releasing, toning, lengthening, and mobilizing. The closer the mind is connected to the body, the more awareness there is about what needs to be done at this moment for the body.  

~Alfredo Balaban


Ok, the doctor told me no exercising for a week, but i've been doing 12-6 to help relax my back. VERY helpful.
PLUS!! Because of you, I knew how to get up! I made my head heavy, etc. SOOOO helpful. You should be teaching in the hospital!


All my love
~Michaelia Morgan (age 56)