Alignment + Function + Nutrition =
Optimal Health, Pain relief, Vitality, Peace!


 Tension, discomfort and pain all signal a need for improvement. 

There are many paths and timing to healing.

Finding out which path leads there you there is the journey.


This website describes 5 pathways: 




Bones For Life®

Acupuncture (TCM)

Designed Clinical Nutrition

Alternative health care recognizes the multifaceted nature of our human experience. Various paths: Your structure, movement patterns, what you eat and how you think blend together to create an energetic life. Your unique system is always reaching for wellness; it does what it can with what it is given. Balance in all these things leads to wellness.

Pain, decreased function, lowered immunity, foggy thinking, being chronically tired are symptoms that  signal a system out of balance. Often the place that seems to be the problem is actually a result of an imbalance elsewhere.  I keep these various pathways to health in mind as I work with you to develop a plan that enables you to re-establish your balance and well-being.

As you restore the balance vitality returns.

Let this website expand your ideas of what constitutes health and well being. Become more informed. Let new questions arise!  There's even an opportunity to experience an ATM lesson (Feldenkrais page) that will give you the experience of positive change to start the process!

If something resonates within you after reading these pages, feel free to inquire here.  I’d be happy to share what I know.








Well being is dynamic and responsive to all sorts of influences!
Our bodies tend to lose their resilience in these ways: Structure, Functional and Energetic. The modalities I employ interweave to restore vitality and return these systems to balance.  






Introduction to the Method


Balancing Shoulder Girdle

with Feldenkrais Practitioners
Kalyani Gilliam & Patric Zito

Saturday, MAY 20
9:30 - 12:30

$45 at the door

Come join us for a short 3-hour fun
and very interactive introduction

to the Feldenkrais Method®!

Community Church of Monterey
4590 Carmel Valley Road


Kalyani: (831) 521-4458

Patric: (831) 241-1534

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Interactive Nutrition Demos

Creating Stellar Wellness

Nutritional Response Testing




Using muscle testing to interface
with your unique energy field to
determine your specific nutrition needs.

 RSVP: (831) 521-4458

Limit: 5 people


Acupuncture & Alternative Medicine Center
26350 Carmel Rancho Ln. Suite 200

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